Real-time food safety

visibility & control
Squizify On Phones
Squizify On Tablets
Peace of mind knowing
your brand is safe
Squizify On Desktops
Ensuring your
customers are safe
100% Food Safety Coverage
Squizify On Laptops
Onsite food
safety training
Peace of mind knowing your brand is safe
Ensuring your customers are safe
100% Food Safety Coverage
Onsite food safety training


  • Automated temperature recordingEnsure food is kept at the right
    temperature 100% of the time
  • Digital food safety compliance recording
    • Customisable checklist
    • Pest control records
    • Maintenance schedules
  • One-touch Council reportingHave all the information your inspector
    requires at the touch of a button
  • Instant MessagingCommunication food safety issues
    instantly to your network
  • Location BeaconsEnsuring accurate information
    is being recorded


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of consumers will not return if they believe your business has poor food safety.


Australians are affected by a foodborne illness each year with tragically 120 deaths.

We’re on a huge mission to create 10 million impacts and improve food
safety standards across the globe. We need your help!

Our customers choose a cause and we donate to
Buy1Give1 (B1G1) each month, every month for the lifetime of that customer.

  • “From a food safety perspective, Squizify has been a game changer for our restaurant as staff are now more engaged and the time it takes to complete tasks has drastically reduced.”

    Red Rooster Manager
  • “The insights Squizify is giving us around food safety is impressive and is really helping to develop our staff.”

    Restaurant Manager

Why Squizify

The digital platform improving food safety & increasing profitability for the most successful food businesses.

  • Simple easy to use software that any staff member can use.
  • Reduce time spent on those important food safety
    task while improving the accuracy of records.
  • Cloud based reports accessible in real-time.